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Ningbo Derke Spark Plug Manufacture Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, located in Ningbo China, the second biggest sea port of china. Derke is specialized in manufacturing spark plugs. Including spark plugs for Automobile, Motorcycle, Marine, Industrial, Lawn Mower, Racing and Snowmobile. By using the most advanced automatic equipment and 100% quality inspection system, with high quality center electrode and advanced technology, we are able to produce spark plugs with beautiful shape, high performance, good acceleration capability and long life. We can produce Platinum Alloy Spark Plugs, Iridium Alloy Spark Plugs, Laser Iridium Spark Plugs, Double Precious Metal Spark Plugs according to customers' requirements. Our company has passed IATF 16949:2016 quality certification. Our products are exported to Europ...

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Advanced technology

Japanese cold sealing process produces high-quality spark plugs, from ceramics to shells and powders, all core parts are produced by ourselves.

Technological innovation

The metal parts are processed by fully automatic numerical control lathe, with accurate dimensions. Japan's advanced automatic 360 degree seamless welding process is adopted for core iridium welding technology

High specification materials

The core material insulator adopts isostatic pressing ceramics, which has the advantages of high density, high strength, good insulation, etc

Independent research and development

On the basis of the original products, discuss the product hierarchy and structure, and conduct research on new technologies, new materials and new processes


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